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Our Menu

Vegetarian Starter
  • French Friesdot £3.95

    Thin & crispy potato chips.

  • Panipuri (8 Pieces)dot £4.95

    Gol gappe

Non-veg Starter
  • Meat Samosadot £3.50

    Seasoned, folded parcels with minced meat with medium hot spices.

  • Tandori Chicken Halfdot £7.50

    Chicken on the bone, prepared with mild tandoori spices, char-grilled on clay oven.

Sea Food Starter
  • Fish Pakoradot £7.25

    Deep fried diced and marinated fish.

  • Fish Chillidot £6.95

    Deep fried fish chunks with onion, capsicum & chilli sauce.

Sea Food Mains
  • FIsh Chef's Specialdot £9.25

    FIsh cooked in special sauce and spices.

  • King Prawn Masaladot £12.95

    Prawn Cooked in spicy masala sauce.

Veg Mains
  • Aloo Gobidot £7.25

    Potato and cauliflower with tomato and coriander.

  • Bombay Aloodot £7.25

    All time favourite sautéed potato in a light spices.

Non-Veg Mains
  • Butter Chickendot £8.95
  • Chicken Chef Specialdot £8.25

    Diced chicken cooked in special sauce and spices.

  • Tandori Rotidot £2.25

    Plain flatbread.

  • Plain Naandot £2.25

    Flat naan bread baked in clay oven.

  • Pappadumdot £.95


  • Masala Pappadumdot £1.50

    Topped with tomato, onion, cucumber and spices.

Special Nepalese Menu
  • Mixed Nepalese Achardot £5.50

    Mixture of carrot, cucumber, peas & potatoes marinated in special Nepalese spices & herbs.

  • Bhatta Sadekodot £5.50

    Deep dry fried soya beans mixed with Nepalese spices.

  • Gulab Jamundot £3.25
  • Vanila Icecreamdot £3.25