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Vegetarian Starter
  • Onion Bhajiadot £3.25

    Spiced crispy onion

  • French Friesdot £3.50

    Thin & crispy potato chips.

  • Panipuri (6 Pieces)dot £3.50

    Gol gappe

  • Veg Samosa (3 Pieces)dot £3.95

    Peas & potatoes mixed with spices wrapped in crispy pastry

  • Chips Chillidot £3.95

    Deep fried fries with chilli & spices.

  • Mogo Plaindot £4.25

    Lightly spiced deep fried cassava.

  • Makai Bheldot £4.25

    Sweet corn cooked in a special sauce.

  • Samosa Chaatdot £4.95

    Veg samosa topped with chopped fresh onion, potatoes & chickpeas with yogurt and tamarind sauce.

  • Chilli Garlic Mogodot £4.95

    Deep fried spiced cassava with chosen condiment.

  • Crispy Bhindidot £4.95

    Deep fried spiced okra.

  • Crispy Bhajiadot £4.95

    Sliced deep fried potatoes & topped with spices.

  • Batata Wadadot £4.95

    Spiced deep fried potato balls.

  • Masala Mogodot £4.95

    Deep fried cassava with chosen condiment.

  • Veg Manchuriandot £5.95

    Deep fried spiced mixed vegetable balls with special sauce.

  • Potato 65dot £5.95

    Crispy new potatoes with special sauce.

  • Chilli Garlic Mushroomdot £5.95

    Mushroom with fresh garlic, capsicum, onion & spices.

  • Chilli Paneerdot £5.95

    Deep fried paneer with chilli and spices.

Non-veg Starter
  • Meat Samosadot £3.25

    Seasoned, folded parcels with minced meat with medium hot spices.

  • Tandori Chicken Halfdot £5.75

    Chicken on the bone, prepared with mild tandoori spices, char-grilled on clay oven.

  • Sheekh Kababdot £5.95

    Minced lamb marinated in tandoori spices, grilled in clay oven.

  • Chicken Tikkadot £6.25

    Marinated boneless chicken in our secret sauce & cooked in tandoor.

  • Chicken Manchuriandot £6.25

    Deep fried spiced chicken balls with onion and spicy sauce.

  • Chicken Chillidot £6.25

    Deep fried chicken chunks with capsicum, oinon and chilli sauce.

  • Chicken Lollipopdot £6.25

    Spiced chicken nibbles deep fried with onion and chatpata sauce.

  • Tandoori Chicken Wingsdot £6.25

    Marinated in our secret sauce and cooked in tandoor.

  • Lamb Chopsdot £6.95

    Marinated in our secret sauce and cooked in tandoor.

  • Juicy Lamb Chillidot £7.25

    Tender lamb with capsicum, onion & chilli sauce.

  • Lamb Tikkadot £7.25

    Marinated lamb in tandoori spices, grilled in clay oven.

  • Tandoori Chicken Wholedot £9.50

    Chicken on the bone, prepared with mild tandoori spices, char-grilled on clay oven, served on sizzler.

  • Mixed Grilldot £12.95

    Chicken tikka, Sheekh Kebab, Spring Lamb chops & Chicken wings.

Sea Food Starter
  • Fish Pakoradot £6.50

    Deep fried diced and marinated fish.

  • Fish Chillidot £6.50

    Deep fried fish chunks with onion, capsicum & chilli sauce.

  • FIsh Tawadot £7.95

    Marinated boneless Tilapia in special sauce and pan fried.

  • Grilled Salmondot £8.95
  • King Prawn Chillidot £9.95

    Fried king prawns with capsicum, onion and chilli sauce.

  • Tandoori King Prawndot £12.95

    Grilled prawns with spices and herbs

Sea Food Mains
  • Veg Kofta Currydot £6.50

    Deep fried mixed veg balls cooked in kofta sauce.

  • FIsh Chef's Specialdot £8.95

    FIsh cooked in special sauce and spices.

  • Prawn Curry (Bhuna Or Korma)dot £8.95

    Prawn cooked in spicy sauce.

  • Malwari FIshdot £9.95

    Deep fried fish cooked in delicate spicy sauce.

  • King Prawn Masaladot £11.95

    Prawn Cooked in spicy masala sauce.

Veg Mains
  • Aloo Gobidot £6.50

    Potato and cauliflower with tomato and coriander.

  • Bombay Aloodot £6.50

    All time favourite sautéed potato in a light spices.

  • Bhindi Bhajidot £6.50

    Deep fried okra with aromatic spices.

  • Chana Masaladot £6.50

    Boiled chickpeas with tomato sauce and spices.

  • Daal Makhanidot £6.50

    Rich buttery black lentil with a touch of cream.

  • Methi Comdot £6.50

    Fresh methi spinach & com cooked in special sauce and spices.

  • Mushroom Bhunadot £6.50

    Mushroom cooked in onion, tomato gravy with fresh spices.

  • Paneer Jalfrezidot £6.50

    Paneer cooked in jalfrezi sauce.

  • Saag Aloo/Saag Paneerdot £6.50

    Spinach and potato/paneer with a touch of ginger-garlic paste.

  • Tarka Daaldot £6.50

    Yellow lentil tempered with ginger, cumin and whole chilli.

  • Mix Veg Jalfrezidot £6.50

    Fresh mixed veg cooked in jalfrezi sauce

  • Paneer Tikka Masaladot £6.95

    Grilled paneer cooked in special sauce.

  • Paneer Makhanidot £6.95

    Grilled paneer cooked in creamy butter and spices.

Non-Veg Mains
  • Egg Currydot £6.50
  • Butter Chickendot £7.50
  • Chicken Chef Masaladot £7.50

    Diced chicken cooked in special sauce and spices.

  • Chicken Tikka Masaladot £7.50

    Grilled chicken cooked in masala sauce.

  • Chicken Karahidot £7.50

    Tender chicken cooked with capsicum and onion in karahi spices.

  • Chicken Bhunadot £7.50

    Chicken cooked in a curry with semi-dry medium masala gravy.

  • Methi Chickendot £7.50

    Tender chicken cooked with fenugreek leaves and fresh spices.

  • Chicken Kormadot £7.50

    Tender chicken cooked in Korma sauce.

  • Kenyan Chicken Currydot £7.50

    Diced on the bone chicken cooked in special Kenyan sauce.

  • Lamb Chef's Specialdot £7.95

    Tender lamb cooked in special sauce.

  • Lamb Rogan Joshdot £8.25

    Succulent tender lamb with ginger-garlic paste and roasted spices. A popular curry from Kashmir.

  • Lamb Keema Currydot £8.25

    Minced lamb cooked in onion, tomato sauce and spices.

  • Lamb Bhunadot £8.25

    Lamb cooked in curry with semi-dry medium masala gravy.

  • Lamb Kormadot £8.25

    Lamb cooked in mild creamy almond, cashew nut and coconut based curry sauce – cardamom flavoured.

  • Kenyan Lamb Currydot £8.25

    Diced on the bone lamb cooked in special Kenyan sauce.

  • Methi Goshtdot £8.25

    Tender lamb cooked with fenugreek leaves and spices.

  • Tandori Rotidot £1.95

    Plain flatbread.

  • Plain Naandot £1.95

    Flat naan bread baked in clay oven.

  • Butter Naandot £2.00

    Naan bread topped with butter.

  • Chilli Naandot £2.25

    Naan bread topped with chilli.

  • Garlic Naandot £2.25

    Naan bread topped with garlic.

  • Tandoori Parathadot £2.25

    Butter stuffed flatbread.

  • Peshwari Naandot £2.95

    Naan stuffed with nuts, coconut and almond powder

  • Cheese Naandot £3.25

    Naan bread topped with cheese.

  • Pappadumdot £0.80


  • Masala Pappadumdot £1.20

    Topped with tomato, onion, cucumber and spices.

  • Salted Peanutdot £1.50
  • Spicy Peanutdot £1.50
  • Yoghurtdot £1.75
  • Mix Raitadot £1.95
  • Green Saladdot £2.95

    Freshly selected combination of onion, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber & carrot.

  • Bombay Mixdot £3.50
Special Nepalese Menu
  • Mixed Nepalese Achardot £3.50

    Mixture of carrot, cucumber, peas & potatoes marinated in special Nepalese spices & herbs.

  • Bhatta Sadekodot £3.50

    Deep dry fried soya beans mixed with Nepalese spices.

  • Aloo Dumdot £4.95

    Boiled potatoes cooked in Nepalese spices.

  • Bhuttandot £4.99

    Boiled mutton stomach stir fried with Nepalese spices.

  • Veg Mo:Modot £5.25

    Minced veg mixed with Nepalese Mo:Mo spices and herbs wrapped in a pastry and steamed.

  • Chicken Mo:Modot £5.50

    Minced chicken mixed with Nepalese Mo:Mo spices and herbs wrapped in a pastry and steamed.

  • Chicken Chowmeindot £5.50

    Egg noodles with chicken chunks and spices.

  • Lamb Mo:Modot £5.95

    Minced lamb mixed with Nepalese Mo:Mo spices and herbs wrapped in a pastry and steamed.

  • Chicken Thupkadot £6.00
  • C Mo:Modot £6.00

    Deep fried chicken/lamb Mo:Mo with chilli and spices.

  • Lamb Chowmeindot £6.00

    Egg noodles with lamb chunks and spices.

  • Aloo Bodi Tamadot £6.25

    Potato, beans & bamboo shoots cooked with special Nepalese spices & herbs.

  • Chicken Choiladot £6.50

    Grilled chicken with special Nepalese spices.

  • Chicken Sadekodot £6.50

    Tender pieces of chicken marinated with special Nepalese spices.

  • Mixed Chowmeindot £6.50

    Egg noodles with chicken, lamb chunks & spices.

  • Lamb Choiladot £7.50

    Grilled lamb with special Nepalese spices.

  • Lamb Sekuwadot £7.95

    Grilled lamb marinated with special Nepalese spices and herb.

  • Lamb Sandhekodot £7.95

    Tender pieces of lamb marinated with Nepalese spices.

  • Newari Setdot

    Beaten dried rice, mixed achar, choila, dry soybeans & fried egg.

  • Lamb Sukutidot £8.99

    Crispy smoked lamb cooked with Nepalese spices.

  • Nepalese Thali (Newly Introduced)dot £9.50

    A set meal of typical Nepali set, consisting of rice, daal & chicken.

Desserts & Hot Drinks
  • Teadot £1.50
  • Green Teadot £1.50
  • Floater Coffeedot £3.50
  • White Coffeedot £2.00
  • Black Coffeedot £2.00
  • Masala Teadot £2.00
  • Calypso Coffeedot £4.99
  • Irish Coffeedot £4.99
  • Gulab Jamundot £2.50
  • Vanila Icecreamdot £2.50
  • Chocloate Icecreamdot £2.50
  • Pista Kulfidot £2.65
  • Mango Kulfidot £2.65
  • Malai Kulfidot £2.65
  • Rasmalaidot £3.25
  • Matka Kulfidot £3.50